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Praying Over God's Promises

Review From: Aurelia

I wasn't sure what this book would be like when I picked it up, but I have to agree with what Tom had to say in it. You can't just randomly open the Bible, pick a verse and declare that your promi...

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Praying Over God's Promises

Review From: Crystal

"Praying Over God's Promises" is a great book for anyone to read. It's only about 110 pages long and you could easily read the whole thing in one or two sittings (that's what I did). Throughout the...

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Maggie Bright

Review From: Amanda

I love Tracy Groot's stories! She had proved to be a versatile and eclectic writer, which is one I appreciate. From stories set in Biblical times (I was blown away by Madman!) to more recent histor...

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Abba's Child

Is an impostor robbing you of God’s love?We’ve bought into the lie that we are worthy of God’s love only when our lives are going well. If our families are happy or our j...

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Peter Ryan wakes up on a typical morning only to find his house empty, his wife and daughter nowhere to be found. His world is shattered after a phone call to a friend confirms the impossible: his wif...

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Five Brides

One dress, five women, a lifetime of memories.Five single, fiercely independent women live together in a Chicago apartment in the early 1950s but rarely see one another. One Saturday after...

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