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Staying is the New Going

Review From: Kirk

"Staying is the New Going" asks this question- where does your life happen? Where do you sleep at night, where do you hang out, where do you eat your dinner and go to church and go to work and...

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So, What's Your Point?

Review From: Gary

SO, WHAT'S YOUR POINT Realigning Our Story with the Only One That Matters By Fran Sciacca God's story has sometimes gotten misunderstood and away from the true story, and we need to be reminded ...

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"Anne of Green Gables," My Daughter, and Me

Review From: Deb

This is a different type of book then I am used to reading, however, it is good. Lorilee writes her memoir and compares it with her daughters story and the story of Anne Greene Gables. I have not...

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Five Traits of a Christ-Follower

What distinguishes a follower of Jesus? The contributors to Five Traits of a Christ Follower—each with a long history of knowing Jesus and making him known—see five “core comp...

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Generational IQ

Why is my daughter drifting from God? Why can’t I explain my life choices to my parents? When will my son get a real job?Within the last several decades, the world has shifted dramat...

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God for the Rest of Us

What does it feel like to be loved by a limitless God? God for the Rest of Us will wake you up to the outrageous, extravagant, and sometimes even scandalous love of God for the rest of us—...

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