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Lyn Cote

Tour Dates: 07/01 - 07/31

Estimated Ship Date: 06/03/15

An impetuous love swept Blessing Brightman away from the Quaker community, into the highest ranks of Cincinnati society. But behind the glitter of ballroom and parlor, her spirit slowly eroded in an i...

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Seeing in the Dark

Nancy Ortberg

Estimated Ship Date: 06/02/15

Christians are supposed to be “the light of the world.” Yet we seem to spend most of our time stumbling in the dark. We want answers carved in stone, and instead we get uncertainty. We wan...

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Speak, Lord

Estimated Ship Date: 06/01/15

“I am your shepherd. You have no need of anything, because I am all you need.”Do you ever wish God would speak directly to you? The Psalms are filled with the heart cry of a man ...

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The Tank Man's Son

Mark Bouman

Estimated Ship Date: 06/04/15

In the tradition of The Glass Castle and Angela’s Ashes comes the most unforgettable memoir you’ll read this year!“What did it mean to be the Tank M...

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Review From: Peggy

What more can I say to express the pure delight to read and so enjoy "Flash the Homeless Donkey...

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